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For those harder to crack cases........

Clearly some debts don’t get paid taking the pre-legal approach; communications and relationships breakdown and frustration creeps in and the only way forward to resolve the situation is to consider taking legal action.

Legal action…… much more than going to court

Some people automatically want to go to straight to court and get their money back, its right and natural, you’ve worked hard and not been paid, but the legal process is much more than just obtaining a judgment.

Clear Advice, Step by step

Our legal service aims to provide you with the right strategy to resolve the situation at the earliest opportunity and least cost; through mediation and negotiation following the precise legal procedures, and where necessary, presenting a claim to court for judgment.


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Early Intervention
We will review your case with the aim of providing you with a clear strategy to take your case forward.
Cost Effective Litigation
No hidden costs with a full breakdown of the options available to you prior to engagement.
Dispute Resolution & Negotiation
Pro-active approach which your case will be immediately actioned on referral with the aim of resolving the situation before taking the matter to court
Judgments & Enforcement
Managing judgement outcomes and rulings, providing the appropriate enforcement action that may need to be taken
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