Legal Debt Recovery

The average value of business debts recovered through the courts has risen to £4,865. Our legal team will provide you with an honest evaluation of your case which will confirm whether legal recovery is the right option for you. We also provide you with a cost break down so you can make an informed decision.

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Pro-active legal team

Our solicitors are selected for their proactive approach and use of legal methods available to them. Your case will be immediately actioned on referral and you’ll be kept up-to-date throughout the legal process.

If your case does have to be taken further, our Solicitors provide an effective litigation service at a cost-effective price.

Specialist arbitration procedures

Many industrial contracts are covered by special pre-action protocols and arbitration procedures. Our solicitors are experts in various industrial fields and offer quick solutions through tried and tested arbitration procedures.

Personal and down-to-earth approach

You’ll be kept fully informed by our solicitors throughout the legal process. We aim to be open and honest with the case and help you to fully understand what it is that we are doing. You won’t be left confused with jargon and small print, or left in the dark to discover hidden costs.

Insolvency proceedings for speedy recovery

In cases of over £750 in value for limited companies and £5000 for individuals and non-limited businesses where there is no dispute, we can pursue your customer utilising insolvency proceedings – personal service of Statutory Demands to individuals, partnerships, and company customers. This method is proven to result in swift payments.

Fixed recoverable costs available for undisputed cases

We are rarely unable to secure payment, but when these cases do arise, you’ll be advised to consider legal action. Our solicitors work on a fixed fee for all cases under £10k which fall onto the small claims track, and are undisputed.


Hugely discounted or no cost for disputed matters

If your customer disputes your case, and our expert legal team aren’t able to negotiate an out of Court settlement, you’ll have access to our solicitors in order to progress the matter further.
On assessment of the case, solicitors will agree on capped costs for small claims cases under £10k, or provide you with an estimate of costs for cases over £10k to go all the way to a contested trial.

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We’re dedicated in recovering outstanding payments at a cost-effective price. We’re a straight-forward, transparent, and ethical debt recovery and credit management business, and work with small independents to large, multi-national corporations, tailoring our services to your exact needs.

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