Professional debt recovery and credit management for large corporations

Our specialist teams are here to provide you with a hassle-free and successful solution to debt recovery and credit management. Over the last 20 years we’ve refined our expertise, and recover in excess of £12 million every year.


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Consumer Debt Collection

Our specialist consumer debt management teams work tirelessly to succeed in recovering millions in revenue for companies of all shapes and sizes every year.

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Commercial Debt Collection

Our specialist debt collection teams negotiate for our clients, succeeding in recovering millions for businesses of all shapes and sizes every year. We’ve refined our debt recovery methods to make the process as simple as possible for you.

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Tracing Customers

Our Debtor tracing and investigation services provides a fast and cost-effective way to locate absconding customers and support debt collection.

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Credit Control by Daniels Silverman

Let us increase your cashflow with our white label credit control service – we can proactively contact your customers, collect missed payments, and free up your much needed resources.

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Legal Debt Recovery

Our legal debt management team will advise you on the merits of your case, the legal options available to you, and the most appropriate pre-legal and legal action for your debt, including the associated costs to proceed.

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We can offer you

large business debt collection
Re-Engaging Customers

The main reason for debt and bad debts is a breakdown in the relationship or lack of communication. Our role is to bring both parties back together, to mediate, understand and recover the contractual monies and re-engage customers to your business.

Maintaining control

You maintain control of the process as we are an extension of yours. We can act upon your debt within 24 hours, allowing you to focus on your business and leave the collection to us. If we need you, we’ll contact you, if you need us just call. We will keep you informed every step of the way.

Professional advice that you can trust

We provide free advice and support to our clients, covering credit checks, settlement agreements, advice of terms and conditions, and insolvency. Our in-house legal team can provide you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision.

Straight-forward debt recovery and credit management

We can complement your own credit management service, offering specialist negotiators, mediators, and solicitors, who are all highly trained in getting your money back quickly and effectively. We combine determination and skill with an ethical, one-size-doesn’t-fit-all mindset.

End to End solution

We can provide and end to end debt management solution that meets your needs, from Credit Control chasing your outstanding invoices through to taking legal action for more sterner recovery cases.

Sectors we specialise in

Professional services

We represent a host of professionals, from architects to accountants to solicitors, collecting their unpaid fees for professional services. Supporting legal institutions for litigation cost recovery, collection of medical negligence, and “no-win no fee” awarded cases.

Mortgage arrears

We work on UK and International mortgage and personal loans collection secured on overseas properties. We provide extended search and trace for absconded customers, in order to begin the recovery or refinancing of outstanding mortgages.

Financial services

We have vast experience of working with major UK and International financial institutions and banks, working tirelessly to recover outstanding credit card and bank charges, PPI claims, as well as mortgage arrears and personal loans.


We work with large household name insurance companies for the collection and non-payment of outstanding premiums. We also provide payment plans to help customers re-engage with their insurance providers to maintain cover.

Education and Students

With over 400 education clients ranging from Primary Schools and Colleges, to Universities and private landlords, we are responsible for collecting tuition fees, unpaid accommodation costs, and business debts in both public and private education sectors.

Entertainment and Leisure

We represent a number of National and International Leisure groups, reconnecting unpaid members back to our clients, managing membership payment plans, and collecting arrears, providing a natural extension of our client’s customer services.

IT and Telecoms

We recover debts for top IT providers of hardware, software, and infrastructures, as well as credit management services for mobile, landline, and broadband providers.

Motor finance

We deliver credit management for some of the world’s largest international automotive brands, providing a comprehensive range of services including credit control, debt collection, and arrears payment management solutions.


We provide international debt collection for some of the largest holiday operators. We work on the recovery of unpaid holidays, cruises, excursions, accommodation rentals and membership schemes, effectively and efficiently bringing customers back to our clients.


Daniels Silverman are responsible for the investigation, search, and tracing of gone away customers, helping our utility clients find customers and recover arrears, treating them fairly and proportionately.

Trades and Construction

We represent over 100 different trades, including sole traders, multi-trade associations, and large construction companies. We understand the needs of these trades and the importance to maintain cash flow and credit management.


Providing support to major petrol stations chains, we collect “no means to pay” for customers who are unable to pay for fuel. We also support our clients quest for preventing and reducing forecourt theft.


Are you a dentist and have a list of patients debts were its well past reasonable time for the debt to have been settled?

Daniels Silverman already have many Dentist practices on board and successfully collecting patient debt in a quick and ethical way. We put the reputation of our clients at the centre of all that we do, meaning that we will endeavour to do all that is possible to recover the money and protect your brand.

Daniels Silverman is licensed to accept deposits, provide credit, give investment advice, and more – regulated by FCA for accounts formed under Consumer Credit Act 1974. We’re fully certified by PCI Security Standards so your card details and our payment solutions are always fully secure, and we’re also recognised for quality assurance ISO 9001 – consistently providing services of a high standard and achieving effective quality management for large businesses.

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