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Daniels Silverman

Agile and Adaptable

Perhaps now is the time to become more agile in that aspect of your business debts too?

Success with servicing our clients for over 25 years

If you have, or are struggling, to receive payment from clients for work or services that you have provided, now is the time to adapt and change your approach.

Daniels Silverman is a family owned and ethically run collection and credit management agency that is entering its 25th year of providing a valuable service to clients across the UK.

We deal with clients of all sizes and are experienced in collecting debts worldwide.

Maintain  your relationship with your clients

We get to know our clients and understand the valuable relationship that they have with their customers and do everything we can to protect that and ensure any prospect of future work is not damaged.

We are ethical and maintain a balanced approach to all collections ensuring fairness and results.

Multi Channel approach

We have made it as easy as possible for client’s customers to pay them what they are owed by offering a range of payment options for them to use.

We have a PCI compliant secure online payment facility that can be accessed at any time.

We have also introduced a new rich media messaging service which means that we can text your clients, directly to their phones, with a link of options on how to pay.

Any monies owed can be paid directly from the text message without having to fill in multiple forms. It removes any friction at all from the payment process.

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Client Self service portal
Available 24/7 Load, view and request updates for on going matters
24/7 PCI Compliant Payments
We offer your debtor multiple ways to pay. With live agent during office hours, Secure website, Automated 24/7 payment line, via RMM link sent to mobile phone.
Secure Electronic Letters
We offer secure electronic letters direct to your debtors mobile phone with payment link. Offering RMM correspondence allows secure payments in a couple of clicks from a mobile phone.
SMS reminders and prompts how to pay
Effective dial plans of best time to dial and best number to reach your debtors. All calls to live collections team or automated voicemail.
With payment links and details of debt. Options on how to pay or query
Direct to your debtors door. Options of all payment channels and contact details
Legal Recovery
For those harder to crack cases, we now offer fully legal recovery through Daniels Silverman Legal.
Credit Control
White Labelled Credit control services. We keep on top of your invoicing and cashflow with our credit control services
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