Credit Control by Daniels Silverman

Our Outsourced Credit Control service under white label to you can improve your cash flow before problems start to arise.

We offer an White label outsourced credit control service where we act on behalf of your company, proactively contacting your customers and reminding them of any missed payments.

Continuity of service quality irrespective of balance size.

Access to industry expertise with internal training.

If you are spending time worrying about being paid by your suppliers, you’re spending time chasing invoices, or are struggling to forecast your cash flow, then please do get in touch.

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Maintain control

We know how important it is for you to keep a good relationship with your clients. Getting the money you are owed shouldn’t rid you of a customer, so we act on behalf of you to give them a friendly reminder of their outstanding invoices. You get a professional service with a high level of success, and your client has an open line of communication to resolve any queries.

Flat fee and same-day service

We charge a flat monthly fee for our credit control services, as opposed to charging commission. This allows  you control how much you spend based on the number of invoices to be collected. We provide same day service so you know exactly where your accounts are up to, keeping your accounting systems accurate.

Routine credit checks

Regular credit checks should be a key part of any credit management routine, for both new customers and those who seek a credit limit increase. As part of our service, we check your customers if we are experiencing financial problems or payment issues.

Payment on time

Do you ever find it difficult to get paid on time? Have you ever put off taking action about a debt because you were unsure how to handle it? Have you ever ended up writing off a bad debt? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then taking action now before these incidences snowball, could help to protect your cash flow and your business.

Open line of communication for your clients

 Acting on your behalf, we give your clients friendly and professional reminders of their outstanding invoices. If you are spending time worrying about being paid by your suppliers, you’re spending time chasing invoices, or are struggling to forecast your cash flow, then please do get in touch

Effective credit control outsourcing

Working alongside you, as a part of your business, we are able to remove the time spent on chasing invoices and ensuring payment and provide a white labelled credit control service to do this for you.  We put our clients at the centre of everything we do and understand that both your reputation and relationships with your clients are of upmost importance and work hard to protect both. 

Daniels Silverman are proud to be the debt collection partner of Creditsafe who, as Global Business Intelligence Experts, offer company credit information on over 240 million businesses worldwide.

With a superior product suite consisting of all-round business solutions, over 200,000 subscription customers trust Creditsafe’s information to make informed credit decisions within their business. Offering products ranging from company credit reports, marketing data, compliance, and due diligence checks, Creditsafe can help grow and protect your business on a global scale.

How does it work?

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We provide a range of services that are available to use whenever you need them. Our credit control service keeps you in control of your cash flow, allowing you to focus on your managing your business, leaving the rest to us. If you need more support, just ask – we can provide it!

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