Credit Checking

Daniels Silverman’s fast, affordable and up to date credit checking facility allows you to routinely credit check new and existing customers to ensure they have the financial means to honour payments.

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Instant credit checks online

Clients can access Daniels Silverman’s credit checking facility for reports on a company’s or an individual’s credit rating and history.

Full range of credit reports

Reports range from in-depth reports, including full accounts and credit ratings, through to simple registered office information.

Discounted rates

We offer extremely cost effective rates for routine credit checks. Regular credit checks should form part of your credit management routine on new customers, defaulting customers and those seeking an increase in their credit limit.

Top 10 tips for credit control

1. Always perform credit checks to ensure you know your customer
2. Get your customer to complete a credit application form
3. Wherever possible obtain a personal guarantee from company directors
4. Get a signed contract incorporating your terms and conditions
5. Give your customer a credit limit and review this regularly
6. Invoice on time and ensure details are accurate
7. Phone your customers before payments are due to ensure there are no queries
8. Send monthly statements
9. Use properly drafted collection letters
10. Consider outsourcing your non paying accounts to a reputable debt collection agency like Daniels Silverman

How does it work?

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At Daniels Silverman, we’ll give you an honest view of your case. We always consider every option available and explain exactly what we can do – if we cannot collect the debt we will tell you why. Our job is to collect what is owed to you, and we do so determinedly, but conscientiously. Our specialists are trained to negotiate and mediate to a high level, in order to collect your debt before any need for potentially costly legal battles.

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