How is the Heat Hitting Your Business?

How is the Heat Hitting Your Business?



Extra heat in business

It is estimated that the productivity of the average British worker drops by 8% when the temperature reaches 26°C. With most of the country sweltering at this temperature (if not higher) the impact on most businesses will be a negative one.

Sick rate

If this isn’t bad enough the increase in temperature is inevitably followed by an increase in ‘sickies’.  At this time of the year you may already be thin on the ground.  This can be due to staff taking annual leave, the effects on your business can be even more detrimental. None even more so than if these losses occur within your Credit Control department.


At Daniels Silverman we have the expertise to provide you with a bespoke Credit Control and Debt Recovery solution, as well as the resources to counter any loss of productivity or staff.  We will help you maintain your cash flow without negative impact on your business, whilst maintaining the established relationship you already have with your customers.

For those that do require our Debt Recovery services, the 23 years spent perfecting our recovery process ensures your customers will be dealt with the utmost integrity and respect.

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