Quality standard achievement for Daniels Silverman

das-9001-2015Daniels Silverman has been das-iso27001-2013-ukasawarded ISO27001 & ISO9001 in recognition of its commitment to information security and quality management standards.

These marques are the most widely recognised quality management standards in the world and aim to underline the company’s understanding of the importance of data security,

streamline processes, reduction of errors through following industry best practices and focusing on quality resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Managing Director of Daniels Silverman, Ray Langley, said: “Securing these latest quality standards is a mark of our commitment to service quality and the importance we place on data protection and compliance. Our holistic approach to commercial debt combined with the latest technology to optimise performance and success for our clients is at the cornerstone of our success.”

Daniels Silverman currently acts for thousands of businesses of various sizes up and down the country and has built a solid reputation for quality of service.

For more information visit www.danielssilverman.co.uk or call 0800 694 2271.

Client Review – Derwent Facilities Management Ltd – Daniels Silverman

DERWENT“Daniels Silverman have helped our company massively by taking a large weight off our shoulders when it comes to chasing debt which we have exhausted. They have been successful collecting from students both resident in the UK and internationally and are making good progress with some of our more problematical accounts.”

“We have been impressed with how helpful and friendly all their staff are and how thoroughly they have been chasing our outstanding debt.  They always keep us in the loop and up to date on every case.  I especially like the ability to go online and obtain a full status review.  I would definitely recommend their service to other student accommodation providers”

Chloe Whitehead, Accounts Clerk, Derwent Facilities Management Ltd

Client Review – Making the Link Ltd – Daniels Silverman




“I was initially sceptical of hiring a Debt Collection company – most of my clients pay on time, but in one instance I kept chasing, calling, emailing and got little or no response form a major European based company. The debt dragged on for over 6 months, to the point that I had almost written it off in my mind, thinking they’ll never pay. Live and learn, move on.”

“It’s was then that I engaged Daniels Silverman to recover the debt on my behalf – the sign up process was quick and effortless, and they were brilliant at keeping me up to date on the situation. A few weeks later I had a call, the debt had been repaid in full, and they had also recovered the cost of the recovery at zero cost to me. I was delighted. I would highly recommend them to any business who may be experiencing problem payers.”

Mike Ponting, Director, Making the Link Ltd, Training for Business.

Client Review – High Street Financial Claims Limited – Daniels Silverman


We first learnt about Daniels Silverman and the services they offer during a conversation with their Sales Director; as a company we had just withdrawn from had a bad experience with another external collections agency and we were searching for a new debt recovery company to pass any potential non-payers to. We elected to place some trial debts with Daniels Silverman with the intention of placing more debts should all go well.

Immediately we were impressed with the professionalism shown by Daniels Silverman, the relationship grew effortlessly due to the pleasant and friendly manner of all Daniels Silverman staff we encountered. Now over 12 months later, Daniels Silverman continue to deliver excellent results and have succeeded in collecting old/bad debts where other companies have failed.

Key features which we have been particularly impressed with include both reporting and the transfer of monies collected. Daniels Silverman provide regular status reports and if we have had the need to request further updates, they have also been provided promptly. We also receive a daily breakdown of all monies collected on our behalf within the last 24 hours, funds are then held pending clearance and are regularly released without us ever having the need to chase for an outstanding payment.

We would definitely recommend the services of Daniels Silverman to any other businesses looking for debt recovery services as they would be guaranteed an efficient and professional service, which requires minimal maintenance and time consumption  from the business referring the debt.

Client Review – Poppy Daisy Limited – Daniels Silverman

“I found Daniels Silverman whilst searching for a debt collection agency online. They are extremely efficient in what they do and offer a great value for money service. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses needing a debt recovery service.”

Mr Martin Dowling, Director, Poppy Daisy Limited

Five Steps to take to ensure you don’t deal with a bad debtor

  1. Credit limits
    If you are giving credit, it is vital to know who your customers are and to perform effective credit checks and continuously monitor credit arrangements.
    Financial situations can change rapidly, so it is important that businesses regularly review the credit limits of their customers and watch out for signs that they could pay late or not at all due to financial difficulties.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    Be clear about payment terms from the outset and make sure customers read and sign up to your terms and conditions. These should cover what will happen if a dispute arises, the penalties for a late payment, including the rate of interest to be charged, and the right to recover debt-collection and legal costs.
    To be enforceable, these should be included on a credit application form rather than on the back of invoices, which is too late in the transaction to be legally binding.
  3. Speed
    When collecting payment, speed is of the essence. Small businesses are often so busy carrying out day-to-day operations that they fail to keep on top of debts and feel unable to enforce payments.
    Always collect payment immediately, if possible. Invoices should be sent as soon as possible and it is essential to keep on top of paperwork.
    If you do have to issue an invoice by post, follow up within two weeks by statement, stating payment is due within seven days. A phone call should swiftly follow.
  4. Statutory Demands
    In respect of non-limited businesses, partnerships and sole traders, a business could consider the personal delivery of a statutory demand. This gives the debtor 21 days to pay in full or face individual bankruptcy proceedings.
  5. Debt Recovery Agencies 
    The use of an outside debt recovery vehicle can be cost and time effective. A debt collection agency can give advice and guidance with the drafting of credit application forms, terms and conditions, personal guarantees and insolvency notices.
    Dedicated debt collection professionals can ensure every avenue is explored to recover debts and have access to a variety of investigation tools and credit checking facilities to trace debtors and evaluate their ability to pay.