Client Review – Making the Link Ltd – Daniels Silverman




“I was initially sceptical of hiring a Debt Collection company – most of my clients pay on time, but in one instance I kept chasing, calling, emailing and got little or no response form a major European based company. The debt dragged on for over 6 months, to the point that I had almost written it off in my mind, thinking they’ll never pay. Live and learn, move on.”

“It’s was then that I engaged Daniels Silverman to recover the debt on my behalf – the sign up process was quick and effortless, and they were brilliant at keeping me up to date on the situation. A few weeks later I had a call, the debt had been repaid in full, and they had also recovered the cost of the recovery at zero cost to me. I was delighted. I would highly recommend them to any business who may be experiencing problem payers.”

Mike Ponting, Director, Making the Link Ltd, Training for Business.