Quality standard achievement for Daniels Silverman

das-9001-2015Daniels Silverman has been das-iso27001-2013-ukasawarded ISO27001 & ISO9001 in recognition of its commitment to information security and quality management standards.

These marques are the most widely recognised quality management standards in the world and aim to underline the company’s understanding of the importance of data security,

streamline processes, reduction of errors through following industry best practices and focusing on quality resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Managing Director of Daniels Silverman, Ray Langley, said: “Securing these latest quality standards is a mark of our commitment to service quality and the importance we place on data protection and compliance. Our holistic approach to commercial debt combined with the latest technology to optimise performance and success for our clients is at the cornerstone of our success.”

Daniels Silverman currently acts for thousands of businesses of various sizes up and down the country and has built a solid reputation for quality of service.

For more information visit www.danielssilverman.co.uk or call 0800 694 2271.

RECENT INCREASE IN COURT FEES – What alternatives are there for Credit Managers?

The Government’s recent court fee increase for cases over £10,000 amounts to a rise of over 600% in some cases. Credit Managers will now have to seriously consider whether taking legal action is a cost effective alternative and make use of other forms of debt recovery available to them. Alternatives should be explored and exhausted so that legal action is taken only as a last resort.

We would advocate a full and detailed investigation of the debtor’s business assets and those of the director’s/owner’s. There is much more information in the public domain than many people realise including electoral roll data, land registry information, directorship searches and company house data. In-depth review and analysis of company accounts for current and failed businesses can often point to assets being moved or sold at under value, or evidence of wrongful or fraudulent trading. Armed with as much information as possible about your customer, you can often agree amicable repayment solutions backed up with a personal guarantee by a director or security for your debt in the form of a voluntary charge on property or other business assets.

Where negotiations fail for non-disputed accounts over £750 (£3000 for non-limited Scottish businesses), you could consider the use of insolvency/sequestration proceedings. Depending on the legal status of your customer this would involve serving a 72 hour winding up notice or serving a Statutory Demand under section 123(1)(a) or 222(1)(a) of the Insolvency Act 1986 (Limited Companies) or section 268(1)(a) of the Insolvency Act 1986 (individuals and non-limited partnerships). The key to success is to maintain dialogue with your customer throughout to try to agree an amicable solution as once a winding up petition is advertised all creditors will have knowledge of it and it may prove too late to reach a repayment agreement.

In respect of disputed cases, solicitor’s and court costs can quickly escalate to a point they outweigh the debt value. It is therefore important to establish all the facts and take steps to reach an out-of-court settlement before legal action is taken. Sometimes personalities get in the way and creditors often feel “It’s a point of principle”. Principles can be expensive and it is far better from a business point of view to negotiate and reach a settlement which is fair to all parties, rather than to press home a point of principle and end up with nothing.
Not enough creditors make use of the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct which can be found on the www.justice.gov.uk website. Many believe it is a sign of weakness to show their hand prior to legal action being issued. This view is wrong as if you show your opponent how strong your case is, they are far more likely to settle out of court and save you thousands of pounds of legal fees.

There are only a handful of specialist debt recovery agencies who have the infra-structure to thoroughly investigate assets and resolve complicated disputes pre-legally. The best ones will undertake all the investigation work free of charge and only invoice for a percentage of any monies successfully collected by their efforts. If your customer is a business you can invoke Late Payment Legislation to pass their charges onto your customer. Alternatively if your terms of business allow you should be able to pass on charges to a consumer customer. It is always worth reviewing your business terms annually to ensure your rights are fully protected.
You could also consider Alternative Dispute Resolution as another way of avoiding legal action.

Daniels Silverman receive company accreditation from the Credit Services Association

Daniels Silverman are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been awarded company accreditation for the Collector Accreditation Initiative, by the Credit Services Association.

The work that has been done over the course of the last few weeks by all of our collection team  has been instrumental in achieving both quality standards in absolute record time and the patience of the supporting staff while this has been going on has proved invaluable.

All collectors successfully passed all on-line competency tests with outstanding results. This is a fantastic step forward for the Daniels Silverman business and a compliment to everyone involved in the process both directly and indirectly.

30104_CSA_logo_CMYK-300x218                   CAI

Daniels Silverman receive ISO9001 Accreditation for Quality Management

9001 CQS Dual Colour

Daniels Silverman are absolutely delighted to announce that following this morning’s extensive audit the systems and processes in Daniels Silverman have passed the ISO9001 certificate for Quality Management.

The work that has been done over the course of the last few weeks has been instrumental in achieving both quality standards in absolute record time and the patience of the supporting staff while this has been going on has proved invaluable.

The audit was 100% successful in all areas.

This is a fantastic step forward for the Daniels Silverman business and the time from concept to completion is a total compliment to everyone involved in the process both directly and indirectly.

Daniels Silverman were in Shrewsbury Town Square on Friday 19th July Rowing4Research!

Despite being what felt like the hottest day of the year so far, the team at Daniels Silverman went to watch Alex Bland and Harry Martin-Dreyer  doing a 12 hour rowing stint on a rowing machine in Shrewsbury Town Square to raise money for their Atlantic rowing challenge later this year.

The boys rowed from 8am to 8pm, rowing alternately 2 hours on, 2 hours off, completing 143.3km and with no less than £670.80 to add to the charity fundraising total.

Following some sore bums and sore hands, some simple but valuable lessons were learnt as Harry didn’t realise that you needed electrolytes as well as water to prevent dehydration and at one point was bent over double with dizziness and pins and needles. But after some salts he was back on form to row his final 2 hour stint of the day.

Harry said, “We would just like to re-iterate our sincere thanks to Daniels Silverman for their continued support of the Rowing4Research campaign and particularly to the team that came down to support us on our Shrewsbury rowathon last Friday. It was a long hot day but we got there in the end having rowed 143km with an additional £670 in the bucket for our charities – a great result!”

Further information about all aspects of the expedition can be found at www.rowing4research.com .Or you can donate directly through our website by visiting http://www.danielssilverman.co.uk/news/rowing4research/ .

Should you or your company be interested in getting on board (all be it figuratively if not physically) we would be delighted to hear from you and would welcome any opportunity to discuss ways in which we could make your involvement mutually beneficial.