Client Review – Money Boomerang – Daniels Silverman


Money Boomerang have utilised the services of Daniel Silverman for around 12 months. In that time they have provided an excellent, all-round professional service significantly reducing our aged debt. The team is extremely helpful and responsive and provide frequent and detailed updates on progress made. I would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel Silverman to any business.

Client Review – Askham Bryan College – Daniels Silverman


York based, Askham Bryan College, a fast growing land based college that specialises in the provision of land based courses from agriculture and animal management to horticulture, tree surgery and equine related activities.

Savena Woolley looks after the college’s finance operations and has enlisted the support of Daniels Silverman in recovering student debt for accommodation, tuition fees and other miscellaneous charges such as unpaid library book fines.

Savena said: “I am very impressed with Daniels Silverman’s success in collecting debts. They are currently achieving rates of around 30 per cent which is difficult to collect with the on-going pressures of students who either won’t pay or can’t pay.

“I value their strong communication tools where we are kept up-to-date of their progress alongside their achievement in collecting debts.

“I would definitely recommend them to other establishments.”

Client Review – Gads Hill School – Daniels Silverman

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Set in the former Georgian home of world-renowned author Charles Dickens, Gads Hill School in Higham, Kent has built a strong reputation for its challenging academic curriculum and wide range of activities, trips and visits that encourage all pupils to develop their talents to the full.

Many families are keen to secure the best possible education for their children but are not always able to meet the continuing financial commitment that a private education entails.  For the past couple of years Gads Hill School has been using debt collection agency, Daniels Silverman to help recover debts from unpaid school fees.

Bursar, Tim Payne, is responsible for school finance and feels that there has been an escalation in the school’s debt issues since the economic downturn in 2007.

He commented: “We are a relatively small enterprise in comparison to some of the large name private, educational institutions, but with the school’s enviable reputation for educational excellence, many parents are keen to secure a strong academic start for their children and put enormous effort and financial commitment into achieving this. Unfortunately, for some it is a step too far and the on-going nature of school fees can mean, in some instances, that they are unable to continue to resource their child’s education.”

“We use Daniels Silverman as a last resort after our letters requesting payment have failed to bring any results.  The debt collection process means that Daniels Silverman really end up with the clients who either can’t pay or won’t pay so often the payment they secure is a compromise but it is certainly a good result and overall they collect on about 30 per cent of our cases.”

Client Review – PWA, Quantity Surveyors – Daniels Silverman

“I found Daniels Silverman whilst searching online for debt recovery agencies. They have managed to recover several thousand pounds that I have had owing for some years by tracking down the debtor to a new address, and also discovered a second debtor was in a CVA and have therefore helped to add me to the list of creditors. The service that was advertised was exactly what I received, they have been very professional and the size of the business lends weight to any action with debtors.  I particularly liked the regular updates I received along with the personal attention to my cases.  I would definitely recommend Daniels Silverman to other businesses; they have little to loose and potentially a lot to gain!”

Paul Watkins, PWA, Quantity Surveyors

Client Review – Facilities Management Online – Daniels Silverman

The service we have received from Daniels Silverman has been excellent and far exceeded our initial expectations. They have successfully recovered monies owed from our most difficult of debtors, that we would never have got back ourselves. We would like to thank all the team at Daniels Silverman, and in particular our dedicated Account Manager for her outstanding level of professionalism that she showed whilst chasing our accounts. She always kept us up to date with the progress of our cases via regular email communications and was more than willing to help. We would definitely recommend Daniels Silverman to other businesses and are already doing so with our clients.

James Brunson, Facilities Management Online

Client Review – Dogfence – Daniels Silverman

I had written off getting any money back from this one particular customer and just couldn’t face the idea of having to go through a small claims court. I have taken customers to court before and as we work nationally this can involve driving up and down the country  and even when you win there is no guarantee of you getting your money back. Daniels Silverman have  taken all the stress away – no worries about appearing in court and no wasted time preparing a case.
From my initial enquiry with Daniels Silverman, the business advisor whom I spoke with was very helpful and confident that they could help – which was very reassuring. Their online service was easy and simple to use, when I loaded the information required for the case on the website, I received a very quick email response  so I knew that my case was on record – I really didn’t expect them to act so fast. Not only were Daniels Silverman easy to use but they were effective too as they received full payment on my case within a week! I wish I had used their debt recovery services sooner!

Samantha Chapman, DogFence